A warm welcome to Sound Of Music . com !

We love the marvellous lake region around Salzburg/Austria.

Our gates will open soon and we look forward to bringing you the beauty of one of the most amazing regions in Austria. Please sign up below and read about our vision.

Here you will find chat rooms, hotels and travel-tips and many of our most beautiful photos will be available as free screensavers, wallpaper and greeting cards !

Please sign up to our mailing-list below. We will only use this list to keep in touch and to notify you when we open our doors to show you the amazing beauty of our homeland!

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Our Vision for TheSoundOfMusic.com:
And for all who are interested, the following is a summary of what our vision is for TheSoundOfMusic.com...

Welcome again to TheSoundOfMusic.com !

TheSoundOfMusic.com is more than a website. TheSoundOfMusic.com is a vision!
I would be very honored if you took the time to read at least some of
our mission statement below.

If you don't have much time (which we do understand) then
please read the LAST section as this contains our vision
for the future of TheSoundOfMusic.com

TheSoundOfMusic.com will be about...

Free Desktop Wallpaper:

You have seen some of our beautiful photos of Salzburg. We will offer the most
breath-taking pictures to download as free screen savers, free desktop themes and
free background pictures.

Free backgrounds, wallpaper and free screensavers showing the amazing landscape
around Salzburg will be our gift to you.

Free Email Cards:

Free Birthday Cards and free email cards will be available from TheSoundOfMusic.com
They will come both as free greeting cards and (probably) free animated ecards.
Being able to give you marvellous pictures of Salzburg, of Hallstatt,
St. Wolfang, Gosau, Bad Ischl and many other locations as themes for
free email greeting cards fills us with great pride and joy.

Free Screensavers:

We will try to bring you a free screen saver sample, but it may be necessary to
actually charge a small fee for the full version to cover some of our costs.

Free Chat Rooms:

We want to build a big community of people who are interested in the region around Salzburg.
Therefore we will offer free chat rooms where fans and yet-to-become fans can meet
each other and talk about the beautiful songs, pictures and stories.
Free chatrooms will be an important corner stone at TheSoundOfMusic.com


Of course we do not only want to talk about the the region. We want you
to visit and experience the beauty of the mountains, lakes, rivers,
towns and villages yourself. We will offer you information about hotels
in Austria, package tours, bus tours and discount travel.

We will provide links to tour providers and give you an opportunity to book a tour
to all Sound Of Music related places. We will bring you a wealth of tourism
related material like maps, tips, suggestions, travel guides, links to hotels,
restaurants, inns, museums, and others.

We will eventually offer whole travel-packages which you can book directly
at your local travel agency and that will include day-trips to the most beautiful
places in the "Salzkammergut" (the local name for the region east of Salzburg).


Sound Of Music is not only about the region, it is also a term to be taken quite
literally. We will bring you sounds of music, all kinds of music, everything
that we think will be uplifting, inspiring, thought provoking, interesting and beautiful.

There will be no boundaries of genre and our offers will range from CD's about musicals
to classic music, gospel, rock, blues, Austrian
folk music (both traditional and modern) and much more.

TheSoundOfMusic.com wants to be a source for good music, for CD's, DVD's, and books.
Our goal is, to bring good things to the world and music will definitely be one of them.

Our Vision for TheSoundOfMusic.com:

The region around Salzburg is among the most beautiful regions in Austria - possibly the world.

Therefore we consider it our most important goal to bring this beauty to the people.
Yes, we will sell products on our website and yes we will offer reservations to
hotels, tours and other tourism related things, and we may work together with a
multitude of companies that all have to survive in their economic surroundings
but NO, - this will NOT be our main focus.

Our main-goal will be to reach the hearts and souls of people all over the world, to
touch them and show them how much beauty is in this world. Not only restricted to
"our" region, but everywhere.

With great gifts comes responsibility and the beauty of our homeland certainly
is a great gift. And it will be our most important goal to both bring this beauty
to the world and to preserve this beauty for future generations.

Gentle tourism, renewable resources, nature protection and protection of local
culture will be emphasized because this world is too beautiful to allow it to be
destroyed in a few decades.

We cannot do much to change the minds of people in this world, but we will try
to do whatever we can to bring about a greater awareness of the beautiful world
that has been entrusted to us.

It is this spirit that we want to nurture and cultivate in the visitors of our
website, and if we bring about just a small change in a few of them then our goal
is reached.

In this spirit I say "A warm welcome to TheSoundOfMusic.com !" and I hope that our vision will become yours !

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement. And thank you for being part of this community !

My warmest greetings to you !

Reinhard Hopperger
for TheSoundOfMusic.com


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